Before today, I had no idea that a course like ds106 existed. I always thought that courses were supposed to be professor directed and we, as students, were supposed to follow what they wanted from us to a “t”. Even in high school, my teachers taught us to do our work how we are instructed. Ds106 sounds like a really interesting course to take. Digital Storytelling (ds106) is an open course online that happens throughout the year through the University of Mary Washington. You can join at any time and you can also leave at any time. Digital Storytelling is when ordinary people can use digital tools to tell their own real-life stories. It sounds like a freaking awesome way for people to tell their stories and have people read them!

Ds106 is actually really interesting. For one, you don’t have to take the class on a set schedule. You can join when you want, leave when you want, take the course on a weekly schedule, or more spread out, whatever works for you. It is designed to work around your schedule. I think that that is a pretty awesome aspect of this course. Especially with my busy schedule, I would love to be able to take a class like that so that I could fit it into my schedule and work at my own pace. When taking a course like this, it can be a little weird to get used to and keep up with. I found a video that gave out some helpful tips on how to handle this type of course.

I think that using ds106 (or any other kind of digital storytelling courses) in the classroom can be really helpful to students to express themselves and have others learn more about them, in a way. Using this in a typical high school classroom setting could be pretty simple if you are an English teacher. But if I were to go back and teach Theatre in a high school setting, that would be a little bit harder. If I were to incorporate this into my classroom, I would have my students explain their thinking processes of set/lighting/directing ideas through videos or draw things out to portray their ideas. I am not quite sure on how to schedule the course, though. Of course I would want my students to do it at their own schedule and have the option to not do it one week, if they so choose. But I don’t want them to abuse the opportunity and just not do it because they are lazy. I would definitely have to set up some specific guidelines for that and not let that happen. Or instead of having different options for everyone, why not only have them do an assignment once or twice a week. But I think that there could be a big advantage to using digital storytelling in a theatre class. I feel like it could help students learn how to get their ideas across to people of different mindsets and making sure that they understand what their vision is.

I am excited to learn more about this type of learning and hopefully learn how to get my own ideas/thoughts across to people!



2 thoughts on “DS106

  1. Hello Courtney! Great post on ds106. I was like you and have never heard of ds106 before our class. It’s kinda of exciting to pick and choose an activity. I have started my 30 days and the topics have been interesting. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how you would incorporate ds106 into your classroom. Great thoughts! Jaime


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